Friday, February 20, 2009

February-March Schedule

Nicole's schedule.
Please post your schedule along with
your location in the comments section.

Monday: Working
Tuesday: Free after 9:30pm
Wednesday: Free until 7:00 pm
Thursday: Free after 7:30 pm
Friday: Free after 7:30 pm
Saturday: Free after 7:30 pm
Sunday: Free 2-5 pm

Downtown, along the subway line.


  1. I've got a really irregular but mostly open ended schedule, so nothing really to post here, but wed afternoon looks like a good time for me, or maybe it's fun to go at night, like saturday. I donno. I'll try anytime. I'm right on the subway line at bloor/dundas. I can think of one spot here offhand that would be okay, (in the crossways building), but probably not as good as a more populated area, or the subway.
    ......pause .....okay, now I have a blog, so I can post my important comments.

  2. The Wednesday meet has been posted!
    Hope to see you there.